Whether you've been homeschooling for years and could use a little encouragement on the journey, or you're just beginning to homeschool due to circumstances outside of your control, or you're considering homeschooling your child(ren), this course is for you.

I began homeschooling my oldest son, who is now 21, when he was in second grade. I've homeschooled all 4 of my boys and am so glad that's the path our family decided to take!

There are hundreds of resources out there and it can easily become overwhelming. In this Mini-Course, I've done the work for you by gathering a couple dozen resources I highly recommend.

Use this Mini-Course as a springboard to begin your homeschooling journey -- or as the extra dose of encouragement and inspiration you need to keep going!
In this Mini-Course, you'll receive:

  • Access to an interview with Kristi Clover, author of M.O.M. (Master Organizer of Mayhem) and co-author of Homeschool Basics
  • A download with 8 helpful perspectives to keep in mind for homeschoolers
  • A lengthy homeschool resource list (books, websites, podcasts, and social media accounts, etc.) you'll come back to over and over again
  • Access to an interview with my son Jonah, who is currently a freshman in college, about 5 ways homeschooling has shaped him (a great one to listen to with your kids)
  • A PDF of Bible verses and inspiring quotes for homeschooling (perfect to turn to when you need encouragement)

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