Aloha, I’m Monica!

For years, parents have asked me to share the keys to raising my four sons to embrace excellent character.

Through blogging at, my books, and hosting the Boy Mom Podcast, I've offered practical advice and encouragement to millions of families — but one topic continues to come up as parents ask for hands-on tools and resources: character development.

This course takes everything I've learned, pulls together dozens of valuable and game-changing resources, and offers support for parents who want to raise character-rich kids in today's world.

Everything is now in one place, and we're diving in deep: incredible resources, podcast-style interviews with experts, and more!

We will discuss:

  • the power of influences and role models
  • ways to support kids who are dealing with anxiety
  • anger in parenting
  • cultivating gratitude and fighting entitlement
  • conflict resolution and peacemaking for families
  • building a strong family unit
  • helping our kids develop a strong work ethic
  • motivations for character development
  • kid-friendly definitions and examples of character qualities
  • how we can help our kids make better choices
  • the use of consequences and discipline as tools for character development
  • appropriate life skills by age
  • qualities to look for in a good friend
  • friendship challenges during tween and teenage years
  • and much more!

Module lessons include downloadable resources:

  • Scripture-based prayers for your children
  • character-inspiring books to read and movies to watch with your child(ren)
  • a list of life skills by age range
  • seven practical ways to train character in the early years
  • question prompts to use when guiding your child(ren) to make wise decisions
  • a list of Scriptures to help fight entitlement and inspire gratitude
  • power-packed lists of character-rich quotes
  • a list of ten ways to help your child develop a strong work ethic
  • guidelines to implementing appropriate consequences and discipline
  • a guide to conflict resolution and peacemaking
  • a list of twenty thoughtful ways to cultivate gratitude in your child(ren)
  • encouragement (from my husband Dave) to busy dads who want to be intentional
  • Bible verses for the mom who is struggling
  • and so much more!

Every module includes interviews with experts:

interviews with experts

videos and trainings from Monica

helpful and practical downloads

Immediate Access to All New

Resources (At No Cost)

Over the past two years, several hundred people have gone through the Character Training Course. Based on their incredible feedback, we are continually updating the Character Training Course by adding in new downloads and valuable resources like:

- an entire module specifically for parents of young kids

- an entire module on cultivating gratitude & fighting entitlement in our child(ren)

- 4 new interviews

- 11 new downloads

- resources regarding anger in parenting

- resources specifically geared toward parenting daughters

As the course expands with additional resources, the price will increase. However, when you purchase the Character Training Course, you receive immediate access to everything within the course both now and in the future.

There is NO additional cost to you as new resources are added in! Go through the course at your own pace with the peace of mind: you'll never pay a penny for future additions to the Character Training Course.

What Students Are Saying:

"This course is a must-have for parents and families. It is filled with valuable information, lessons and resources to help us navigate building character with our kids, no matter what age they are. Monica has such a light-hearted way of presenting information and so much knowledge to share. The resources are useful and can be used immediately. I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course!"

"The Character Training Course is packed full of priceless information, tips, encouraging quotes, relatable and resourceful information, fabulous interviews and thoughtful biblical verses that bring it all together. I will be revisiting this information again and again."

"I cannot recommend Monica's Character Training Course enough! As soon as I started it, I felt hopeful. She provides so much insight and wisdom. The interviews and bonus material are very helpful and encouraging. Monica is relatable and practical, but also wise and godly. Parenting is so important and I would not be a good steward if I just tried to figure it out on my own. My boys are worth this investment into their hearts and minds and lives."

"This course is tremendously beneficial and every parent will gain so much confidence and encouragement after it is completed. Go for it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!"

Course Curriculum:

(click the arrow below to see additional module and lesson topics -- the downloads and extra resources are available within each lesson)

  Welcome to the Character Training Course!
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  Module 1: What Is Character and Why Is It So Hard to Develop?
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  Module 2: What Shapes Character?
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  Module 3: Hard Work, Hard Choices, and Helpful Consequences
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  Module 4: Character Training and Daily Inspiration
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  The Early Years Module
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  Cultivating Gratitude and Fighting Entitlement
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Video introductions

Every module includes a personal introduction or teaching video from Monica.

Value-packed resources

Every lesson includes downloadable resources that you'll return to again and again.

Podcast-style interviews

Every module includes incredible interviews with inspiring guests and experts.